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NFL Draft 2015: Seahawks have 11 picks

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And here they are, in all their glory.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks head into the 2015 NFL Draft with a full complement of eleven picks, eight of which are in rounds four through six. Seattle goes into the three-day event with the most picks of any team (there are six teams with 10 picks each), but John Schneider is known to wheel and deal with his draft capital.

Here's Seattle's haul, as it stands right now:

2-31: 63 overall 
3-31: 95 overall 
4-13: 112 overall 
4-31: 130 overall 
4-35: 134 overall 
5-31: 167 overall 
5-34: 170 overall 
6-5: 180 overall 
6-34: 209 overall 
6-39: 214 overall 
7-31: 248 overall

With the bulk of Seattle's picks coming in the mid rounds -- four through six -- that's a good place to concentrate on if you're doing some pre-Draft tape study. The good news is that this draft feels very strong in that range, and there's a good shot that Seattle will get some great value on day three.