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NFL may change, completely abolish extra point attempts

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The NFL extra point may be going the way of the buffalo. As team reps meet at the NFL Owners meetings this week, the one rules change that seems to be gathering some steam is changing or completely getting rid of the archaic, arbitrary chip shot that tacks on a point after a touchdown.

"There's a clear movement to wanting to change and change it this year," said Rich McKay, co-chairman of the competition committee and president of the Atlanta Falcons. The competition committee will now "develop alternatives and be ready for a potential vote," which could come in two months, at the next Owners' meetings in San Francisco.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll weighed in on twitter on his proposals for changing the extra point:

-Automatic 7 points for a touchdown
-Mandatory try from the 2-yard line for 1 point after a touchdown
-Defense can score 1 point by returning a fumble or interception on "extra point" play

There's also discussion of moving extra point tries to the 1-yard line to spur more 2-point conversion tries, and another alternative is to move extra points back to the 15-yard line, making it more difficult. There's also talk of moving the two uprights closer together to increase the difficulty of the play.