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Zach Whitman talks SPARQ and analytics on 12 for 12s Radio

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Field Gulls and 3SigmaAthlete's Zach Whitman joined Paul Beyer on 12For12s Radio, Episode 70 to talk about the importance of analytics in Seattle's personnel decisions in the Draft & Free Agency.

Note: Audio doesn't kick in until about the one-minute mark.

Here how the show breaks down, per Beyer:

Opening Commentary: "Where do we go from here?"

1. Marshawn Lynch on the Play/Contract Still Waiting to Signed
2. Pete Carroll & "The Schneid" at the NFL Combine
3. Special Guest Zach Whitman, SPARQ Guru, Contributor to Field Gulls & founder of 3SigmaAthlete!
4. Looking back at the Super Bowl Result w/Zach
5. What is SPARQ & How the Seahawks Utilize it? w/Zach
6. The NFL Combine w/Zach
7. Free Agency (Starts on 3/10) w/Zach
8. Latest on Surgeries, Injuries, & More
9. Russell's Mega Deal Scenario
10. Roster Musts (Bobby Extension, Byron?)
11. The Jets Predicament w/Percy Affects the 'Hawks...Still
12. The CLink is about to get LOUDER