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Real in the Field Gulls: Seahawks salary cap and free agency talk with Davis Hsu [PODCAST]

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

For Episode 4 of the Real in the Field Gulls Podcast, Kenneth Arthur and I are joined by the legendary Davis Hsu to bring everyone all up to date on the Salary Cap situation going into Free Agency, which starts on March 10th.

A few topics we discuss, following my rambling, incoherent introduction (I'll work on that):

1. The Seahawks salary cap situation as it stands now: cap room, playing money
2. A quick update on where the Russell Wilson contract situation stands and what we think will happen
3. The Seahawks' team needs;  top three most likely spots Seahawks will go in outside free agency
4. Our top two or three players the Seahawks should target in outside free agency.

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Enjoy -- feel free to comment below.