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Jets expected to release Percy Harvin, leaving Seahawks with a sixth-rounder in exchange

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Al Bello/Getty Images

The Jets are expected to release WR Percy Harvin, reports Ian Rapoport, which means the conditional pick the Seahawks will receive from last October's trade with New York will be the fifth pick of the sixth round.

Harvin has/had four years and $41.5 million remaining on the deal he signed with the Seahawks after being acquired in a trade from Minnesota. His cap hit would have been $10.5 million in 2015 and with the Jets' recent acquisition of Brandon Marshall ($7.7M cap hit of his own), Harvin becomes/became expendable, particularly because they also have Eric Decker, who has a $6.5M cap hit as well.

Had Percy stuck with the Jets in 2015, the Seahawks would've received New York's fourth round pick but unfortunately for the Seahawks, as soon as this release becomes official, it will jump back two rounds. Harvin finished the season with 29 catches for 350 yards and a touchdown for the Jets in 8 games, adding 22 rushes for 110 yards. He'll hit the open market once again and be free to sign with any team, and despite his reputation as a malcontent and his history with injuries, he'll probably get a significant amount of interest. He's a freakishly talented player.