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VMAC Pre-Draft Visitor Profile: CB Tray Walker, Texas Southern

A quick look at VMAC Pre-Draft Visitors. All SPARQ numbers courtesy of Zach Whitman and

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jared Stanger and Zach Whitman have been following a lesser-known cornerback from Texas Southern named Tray Walker for a while now. It's hard to find numbers on smaller school players, but when they did publish them recently on Walker, they did not disappoint. He has the longest arms and longest known wingspan for any cornerback (Combine or Non-Combine invite) in this draft class -- with 33+ inch arms and an 80 3/8 inch wingspan (both pretty ridiculous). These measurements are impressive for a player who stands Six toot two inches and ¾ inch (6026 in scouting parlance).

So, It's no surprise the Seahawks would want to bring Walker in for a visit. His other numbers are impressive too- 189 lbs, 9 and 1/8 inch hand, 4.48 forty, 4.05 short shuttle, 6.7 cone, 36.5 inch vert, and a 10 foot 7 inch broad jump. His SPARQ rating is 123.9, or 0.7 sigma, good for 6th best out of the Non-Combine Cornerbacks, and good for 8th best if he were a Combine invite.

The list of reported visits for the Seahawks:

Arizona State S Damarious Randall
South Carolina RB Mike Davis
Texas Southern CB Tray Walker
West Georgia DL Tory Slater
Cal WR Chris Harper
Bufffalo DT Kristjan Sokoli
Stanford WR Ty Montgomery


As a quick reminder, based on the observable M.O. of the Seahawks over the past four Drafts, Seattle likes to host a few early-round type players, a smattering of mid-rounder types, then a host of late-round to undrafted free agent types to the VMAC prior to the draft. Each team is allotted 30 official visits, and Seattle's goal in hosting later-round and UDFA types is to use them as a recruitment-style pitch. There's a free for all after the draft ends in getting players to come to your organization, and Seattle does its best to make themselves an exciting and attractive location for players that have the choice of where to sign (hence, their brochure last year).