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VMAC Pre-Draft Visitor Profile: OL Robert Myers, Tennessee State

A quick look at VMAC Pre-Draft Visitors. All SPARQ numbers courtesy of Zach Whitman and

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee State offensive lineman Robert Myers is in Seattle meeting with the Seahawks today, according to FOX's Ross Jones. Myers was a Combine invite but is projected as a late-round pick or undrafted free agent -- so he's a guy to keep an eye on late third day and into the free for all after the Draft wraps up.

As a quick reminder, based on the observable M.O. of the Seahawks over the past four Drafts, Seattle likes to host a few early-round type players, a smattering of mid-rounder types, then a host of late-round to undrafted free agent types to the VMAC prior to the draft. Each team is allotted 30 official visits, and Seattle's goal in hosting later-round and UDFA types is to use them as a recruitment-style pitch. There's a free for all after the draft ends in getting players to come to your organization, and Seattle does its best to make themselves an exciting and attractive location for players that have the choice of where to sign (hence, their brochure last year).

Myers does not fit the "SPARQ'd up" mold of offensive lineman that the Seahawks have targeted over the years like Garry Gilliam, J.R. Sweezy, Garrett Scott, and Jared Smith -- you'd fit him more into the James Carpenter, Nate Isles, Jared Wheeler category as comparison. Per Zach's tracking on the athletic metric, he comes in 81st among all Combine and Pro Day offensive linemen with a -0.7 sigma and in the 25th percentile for players at his position in the NFL. What Myers does have, per the scouting reports I've seen on him, is great size (6'5, 326), with enormous quads (shown above) and above average technique.

Here's what Lance Zierlein had to say over at;

STRENGTHS Has good thickness and strength through lower body. Flashes desired functional strength with ability to anchor against bull rushers. Footwork is a plus and stays balanced in pass protection. Sound technician and recognizes D-line games. Initial punch has some juice behind it. Good body control and knee bend. Gets movement at point of attack when asked to drive block. Well-timed climb to second level. Will look for work downfield and hustles to trail play. Tough player with above-average strength for his size and a frame to add more weight.

WEAKNESSES Average lateral athlete. Needs better understanding of angles and positioning as zone blocker. Not overly quick and tends to lose contact on outside runs. Loses strength when hands slide out too wide. Below average change of direction to strike moving targets on second level. Lacks muscle in his arms and has a soft midsection. Must prove he can handle faster, stronger competition.

DRAFT PROJECTION Priority free agent

BOTTOM LINE Myers is already above average from a technical standpoint and is a quick processor when the game speeds up. Myers is a guard prospect who can pull and play in a power scheme. He has the pass protection traits of an NFL starter. The ceiling is higher for Myers than many guard prospects in this draft, and with more coaching and work in the weight room, he should be an NFL starter.

Here's what Field Gulls' own Derek Stephens and CBSSports' Dane Brugler had to say over at their CBS scouting report on Myers:

STRENGTHS: Legitimate NFL frame with broad shoulders, long arms and a thick lower half. Though occasionally late off the snap, generally shows initial quickness in pass pro and releasing to the second level in the running game. Can extend his arms and latch on with good lateral agility and shuffle to mirror in small areas. Anchors effectively with natural knee-bend. Country strong.

WEAKNESSES: Significant project. Lacks the strength and technique to win in the trenches at guard and the foot quickness to handle the edge at right or left tackle. Struggled with speed rushers when playing wide. Questionable functional football strength. Initial punch lands without explosiveness. Resorts to latching on and surviving. Doesn't dominate. Leans on the defender in pass protection. Marginal change of direction and balance on the move.

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