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Danny Shelton: I Never Allowed Myself To Become An Athlete Stereotype

Cool interview with Danny Shelton:

Danny on perceptions of what is "cool":

Because I remember being in college and talking to the boys and trying to define what cool is nowadays. Nowadays, a lot of people think that cool is gang banging, sagging your pants, having jewelry, going straight from high school to the music industry, and just rapping. That's not the life to be living. That's not what cool is.

Why don't people think that going to school and getting an education is cool? That's really where your money's at. That's really where you'll make your living.

Danny on how the event changed his life:

It was just something that was engrained into my family. We always had good grades if we wanted to play sports and I always wanted to play sports. I was all about sports.

You're not going to get better unless you're competing. You're not going to reach success unless you compete.

When you have that piece of paper and a pencil in your hand. Don't be afraid to compete against someone next to you. Don't be afraid to say, "I'm going to beat this guy. I'm going to get a better grade than this guy."

When you have that competitive edge, when you have that competitive mindset, you're going to go out on the field and compete your ass off against anyone who's out there because you've proven to yourself that you can compete against some of the smartest kids in your class. When you go out on the field, why not compete against some of the more talented guys out there.