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Real in the Field Gulls: Talking the Seahawks Streak, Jimmy Graham, the offseason, and more with Jacson Bevens

Real in the Field Gulls is back, and this week Kenneth and I are joined by the illustrious Jacson Bevens of Cigar Thoughts fame. We break down some key points of the Seahawks offseason, we break down what the Seahawks' 64-game (and running) streak of not losing by more than 9 points really means, we talk about the addition of Jimmy Graham, we hit on the offseason moves, and we talk directly to Jon Ryan.

Please, for the love of Pete, listen to it.


You can listen to the podcast on this YouTube video in the article, or subscribe to "The Field Gulls Podcast" on iTunes and it will automatically download to your devices every week! The more you listen, the more we get to do. There is also be a link to download the mp3 file at BlogTalkRadio.