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Seahawks 2015 Schedule: Storylines for every game

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The narratives and storylines surrounding each game will no doubt change as the year goes on, but let's take a few minutes to run through the 2015 Seahawks' schedule as it looks right now.

Week 1: At St. Louis Rams

Nick Foles takes over for the Rams; Seahawks get to take out the the aggression and frustration from a Super Bowl loss on St. Louis in their place.

Week 2: At Green Bay Packers

NFC Championship Game rematch. Onsides kick every chance you can get.

Week 3: Vs. Chicago Bears

Uhhh.... Jared Allen?

Week 4: Vs. Detroit Lions

Golden Tate, come on down!

Week 5: At Cincinnati Bengals

The he's "just a lot of noise-talking and bad routes" rematch between Richard Sherman and A.J. Green.

Week 6: Vs. Carolina Panthers

The Seahawks seriously play the Panthers again (?).

Week 7: At San Francisco 49ers

The "is this still a rivalry?" bowl. We shall see.

Week 8: At Dallas Cowboys

Loop upon loop of Tony Romo fumbling the snap.

Week 9: BYE


Week 10: Vs. Arizona Cardinals

The "still not the new sheriff in town" bowl.

Week 11: Vs. San Francisco 49ers

The "let's see if Colin Kaepernick can ever throw a touchdown at CenturyLink" bowl.

Week 12: Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl XL rematch! (again!).

Week 13: At Minneapolis Vikings

The "future Seahawks" bowl.

Week 14: At Baltimore Ravens

The Justin Forsett memory tour.

Week 15: Vs. Cleveland Browns

Johnny Football, hopefully.

Week 16: Vs. St. Louis Rams

These guys again?

Week 17: At Arizona Cardinals

Potentially the "division on the line" bowl.


Ok, what you got?