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NFL Draft 2015: Pick #63, the last ten years

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks have the unfortunate disadvantage of being the last team with the chance to pick someone once the 2015 NFL Draft starts on April 30th, with their first selection not coming until late in the second round, pick #63. Of course, they do have Jimmy Graham on their roster now, but seeing 62 picks go off the board before Seattle's name is called is going to be a very difficult exercise in patience. Nonetheless, there should be a great deal of talent once the Seahawks finally get to hand in their draft card, and to give you an idea of the type of contributor you'd expect a late second rounder to be (or hope for them to be), let's take an look at the last ten years for that slot.

2014: #63 Miami Dolphins - Jarvis Landry, WR LSU

Landry fell into the late second round because of his atrocious Combine performance (4.77 40 with a 28" vert), but showed that even with way-below-average athleticism metrics, NFL success is possible. Landry caught 84 passes for 758 yards and five touchdowns as a rookie with the Dolphins.

2013: #63 Kansas City Chiefs - Travis Kelce, TE Cincinnati

Kelce is one of the top up-and-coming tight ends in the NFL, known for his size and smooth-athleticism. People often compare him to a poor-man's Rob Gronkowski. He caught 67 passes for 862 yards and five touchdowns in 2014 after missing almost all of his rookie year. He's a candidate to break out in 2015.

2012: #63 New York Giants - Rueben Randle, WR LSU

Randle is a somewhat unheralded contributor for the Giants, and has been naturally upstaged by Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz. That said, he caught 71 passes for 938 yards and three scores for the Giants in 2014, so he's no slouch. The Giants have some good receivers, by the way.

2011: #63 Pittsburgh Steelers - Marcus Gilbert, T Florida

Gilbert has started 46 of the 47 games he's played in as a pro, and has been a mainstay at right tackle for the Steelers since he was drafted.

2010: #63 Indianapolis Colts - Pat Angerer, OLB Iowa

Angerer started 27 games and appeared in 32 in his first two seasons with the Colts, but his career was derailed by a series of injuries, and he's since retired.

2009: #63 Arizona Cardinals - Cody Brown, DE Connecticut

Brown was a bust. Never appeared in a game.

2008: #63 New York Giants - Terrell Thomas, CB USC

Thomas had a promising career derail due to a series of ACL tears, and he missed the 2011 and 2012 seasons because of them. He briefly signed with Seattle in 2014 in hopes of getting it back in gear, but could not make the final roster. Nonetheless, he started 41 games and had 12 interceptions and 45 passes defensed. He was a good player that just had bad injury luck.

2007: #63 Green Bay Packers -  Brandon Jackson, RB Nebraska

Jackson's best season was 2010, when he rushed for 703 yards and three touchdowns, but he did not pan out like the Packers had hoped. He lost his job to James Starks and then went on to play for the Browns briefly. He's been out of the league since 2012.

2006: #63 Seattle Seahawks - Darryl Tapp, DE Virginia Tech

Seahawk fans obviously know about Tapp, who has had a very solid career with Seattle, Philly, Washington, and Detroit. Tapp was involved in the trade for Chris Clemons, one of John Schneider and Pete Carroll's first (and savviest) early moves.

2005: #63 Philadelphia Eagles - Matt McCoy, LB San Diego State

Seahawk fans will also remember McCoy, who played a key reserve and special teams role with the team in 2010 and 2011. McCoy only logged 13 starts in his eight-year career.


So, assuming Seattle stays at #63, who will be up there for 2015? Any guesses?