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Mocking the Draft's Dan Kadar stops by the Real in the Field Gulls podcast to talk his mocking of said drafts

Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft, SB Nation's source for everything about the NFL draft, joined the Real in the Field Gulls podcast this week to talk about a number of topics. Most relevant of those topics? You guessed it: The 2015 NFL Draft! This is especially relevant to the Seattle Seahawks because of all the picks they have in the top 62.

Dan's latest Mock

Okay, so nothing going on the top 62, but after that, they do have considerably more picks than any other team.

Kadar talked to us about sleepers, guys he thinks may be a good fit for Seattle with their late second round pick, why he thinks they should actually trade down from that spot, the depth at running back, wide receiver, offensive line, and other positions, as well as his history of doing mock drafts for well over a decade. We also talk about the most shocking picks of the last few years, the Cleveland Browns, and and he mocks my mock draft.

(Surprisingly no mentions of Jimmy Graham this week.)

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