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Real in the Field Gulls Seahawks podcast: Final pre-draft chat with Rob Staton

The NFL Draft starts this Thursday and continues through Saturday, with the Seattle Seahawks currently holding 11 picks, most in the league. For that reason, Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog joined "Real in the Field Gulls" to talk about what the Seahawks might do with their second round pick, which prominent prospect seems like the most probably player they'd trade up for, which players look like good fits at center, guard, tackle, running back, wide receiver, quarterback, defensive line, and cornerback, and more.

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We talk a lot about the first round as well because Rob will be joining myself and Danny right here on Field Gulls this Thursday for a live streaming commentary throughout the festivities. Rob will also be with me on day two and day three as well for more of the same.

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