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VMAC Pre-Draft Visitor Profile: RB Mike Davis, South Carolina

A quick look at VMAC Pre-Draft Visitors. All SPARQ numbers courtesy of Zach Whitman and

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Mike Davis, South Carolina, is an interesting runner in this Draft class -- based purely on watching his games, and not on athletic measurables. Davis is not a SPARQ standout -- and is somewhere around average for an NFL running back in the Combine measurables department. His Pro Day numbers were better so some of that depends on whether you are using Pro Day or Combine numbers, but either way, he is not going to be at the top of Zach's SPARQ charts

That being said, he checked into the Combine at 22 years old, 5091, 217 and ran a 4.61. He ran closer to a 4.52 at his recent pro day and boosted his vert to 35.5, after dropping some additional weight. At the combine he had a 1.53 10 yard split (very good), 4.18 shuttle, 7.0 three-cone, with 17 bench, 34 vert and a 9-8 broad jump. None of those numbers are bad, but most of them do not stand out.

The knock on Davis has been conditioning, when you read reports. He has visits with the Patriots, Seahawks, Bucs, and Falcons -- and I think he would be a good fit for all four of those teams. If you wanted to cherry-pick his best game to watch last year, it would be Kentucky.

After looking pretty closely at the top-15 runners in this Draft class, I believe Mike Davis will probably go in the Late 3rd Round. Davis has power, quickness, and can catch out of the backfield. I believe he has what it takes to be a starting NFL running back.

The VMAC Visitors we have tracked for Field Gulls so far in 2015 are:

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DT Kristjan Sokoli, Buffalo
DT Tory Slater, West Georgia
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RB Mike Davis, South Carolina

Here are Davis' 2014 highlights is below:


As a quick reminder, based on the observable M.O. of the Seahawks over the past four Drafts, Seattle likes to host a few early-round type players, a smattering of mid-rounder types, then a host of late-round to undrafted free agent types to the VMAC prior to the draft. Each team is allotted 30 official visits, and Seattle's goal in hosting later-round and UDFA types is to use them as a recruitment-style pitch. There's a free for all after the draft ends in getting players to come to your organization, and Seattle does its best to make themselves an exciting and attractive location for players that have the choice of where to sign (hence, their brochure last year).