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NFL Draft 2015: Big Board visual aid for Draft Weekend, part III

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Davis has put together very helpful and illuminating Big Board visual aids for the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft over the past two weeks -- one using Tony Pauline's Top-136 players, and another using Nolan Nawrocki's top 256 players. Long-time Field Gulls regular HI Hawk 808 has put together another one below, based on CBS rankings and some of his own personal evaluation, and so if you feel so inclined, print this one out as well, and cross players off as they go off the board. This can help give you a composite look at Best Player Available as the Draft goes along.

Rounds 1 - 3


Rounds 4 - 7


Undrafted rookies


Here's a downloadable PDF: 2015 Draft Sheet Big Board 2015 Draft Sheet Big Board