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Real in the Field Gulls: The NFL Draft Scouting process, Evaluation vs. Valuation, and more with Dan Hatman

Real in the Field Gulls is back, and this week Kenneth and I are joined by the excellent Dan Hatman, a former pro scout with the Eagles, Jets, and Giants, and now Chairman of Scouting Development at The Scouting Academy and Co-Founder at Dynamic Sport Solutions.

We talk in depth about the scouting process -- both from the pro side of things, and from the college side -- and Dan brings some really interesting insights to the table. How do you get into scouting? What's the typical day like for a scout? What's Draft day like? What kinds of responsibilities do individual scouts have, and what are some of the differences in methodology between teams? We broach all these subjects.

We also talk about the difference between evaluation and valuation, and hit on organizational philosophies for team building. I really think it's a great discussion so make sure you give it a listen and follow Dan at @Dan_Hatman and check out his website.


You can listen to the podcast on this YouTube video in the article, or subscribe to "The Field Gulls Podcast" on iTunes and it will automatically download to your devices every week! The more you listen, the more we get to do. Here is a link to download the mp3 file at BlogTalkRadio.