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NFL votes to change extra-point rules

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has officially voted in changes to the extra point, which will now place the ball at the 15-yard line for point-after attempts. The two-point conversion tries will remain at the two-yard line, and defenses can now return a fumble or interception, or blocked/fumbled extra point, for two points for themselves. The measure was passed by a vote of 30-2, with Washington and Oakland against (this means Seattle voted yes, of course).

The rule change obviously makes the extra point a little more interesting, throwing out the 20-yard chip shot that NFL kickers hit over 99 percent of the time and making it a 33-yard field goal, a distance at which NFL kickers have made at a 93 percent clip over the past five years. The good news for Seattle is that Steven Hauschka is near-automatic at that range - having hit 38 of 39 (98.8%) from 30-39 yards in four seasons with the Seahawks. He's 4-for-4 from 33 yards exactly.

The two-point conversion was implemented in 1994 to add a little intrigue to the strategy of the game, but the fact is, it's still rarely used. Of the 56 two-point conversion attempts last year, teams converted 27 of them (47.5 percent), and going back even further, there have been only four seasons where 2-point conversions saw a success rate of better than 50 percent.