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NFL Draft Results 2015: Seahawks select Terry Poole, OL San Diego State

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The Seattle Seahawks have selected offensive lineman Terry Poole out of San Diego State with the 31st pick of the 4th round, 130 overall. Poole is a guy that the Seahawks have liked throughout this whole process, and he's a player that can play several positions. He has experience at both tackle spots and could play guard in the NFL (in fact, he may be viewed as James Carpenter's replacement).

Scouting reports:

Via Lance Zierlein at

STRENGTHS Good hand placement in run game. Is able to effort his way to run-block security. Has limitations, but plays within those limitations and shows good body control. Adequate pass pro posture with head back and hands ready. Has hip flexibility to make last-second recovery. Gives good, honest effort every snap.

WEAKNESSES Heavy feet into kick-slide. Doesn't gain enough ground to keep edge speed at bay. Opens prematurely, allowing open door to inside moves. Slow step inside to stunts. Doesn't have combination of feet and functional strength to improve position in run game once engaged or anchor up when rusher gets to a shoulder. Hands so wide he gives hugs at times in pass pro. Must move inside.



BOTTOM LINE A JUCO transfer lacking athleticism to play on the left side, Poole might get a shot at right tackle but is better suited for a move inside. With more strength and experience, Poole has a shot to make a practice squad and potentially work his way up the ladder.

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Bio: Junior-college transfer who started the past two seasons at both left and right tackle. All-conference recipient as a senior.

Positive: Nice-sized offensive tackle prospect with a developing game. Quickly sets up off the snap, stays square and effectively uses angles and body positioning to seal defenders from the play. Squares into opponents, keeps his feet moving and turns defenders off the line run blocking. Smart, aware and works well with other linemen. Displays better than average range off the edge in pass protection.

Negative: Gets tall as the play proceeds. Marginally effective blocking in motion. Struggles to finish blocks.

Analysis: Poole has shown elements of next-level ability the past two seasons and has improved his overall game. He possesses size, growth potential and should only get better with experience and physical maturity.


The de facto Seahawks 2015 Draft thus far, including traded capital:

Round 1, Pick 31 (31) Jimmy Graham, TE -- 6'6, 260 New Orleans
Round 2, Pick 31 (63) Frank Clark, DE -- 6'3 271 Michigan
Round 3, Pick 5 (69) (from Redskins) Tyler Lockett, WR -- 5'10 182 Kansas St.
Round 4, Pick 31 (130) -- Terry Poole, OT/OG -- 6'5, 307 San Diego State 
Round 4, Pick 35 (134) (compensatory selection) --
Round 5, Pick 34 (170) (compensatory selection) --
Round 6, Pick 31 (207) -- Marcus Burley, CB -- 5'10, 185 Indianapolis 
Round 6, Pick 33 (209) (compensatory selection) --
Round 6, Pick 38 (214) (compensatory selection) --
Round 7, Pick 31 (248) --