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NFL Draft Results 2015: Seahawks select Tye Smith, CB, Towson

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks have selected cornerback Tye Smith of Towson with the 34th pick of the 5th round, 170 overall. Tye Smith is a cornerback in the Seattle mold that's almost too obvious: 32" arms, 78" wingspan, and testing in the 60th SPARQ percentile. He's been connected to Seattle frequently, but did not visit the VMAC.


From Lance Zierlein at

STRENGTHS Shows some closing speed. Good awareness in zone coverage, with length to challenge the catch. Will hit open-field receiver with some force. Hard worker. Brings competitive attitude to the field.

WEAKNESSES Looks rail thin in the uniform. Skinny through entire lower body. No sand in his pants to take on physical wide receivers. Complete non-factor tackling size on perimeter. Play strength is a major issue for him. A little sloppy opening up out of press.


BOTTOM LINE Average athletic traits with decent ball skills but a substantial deficiency in play strength. West Virginia peppered Smith with hitches to wide receiver Kevin White and Smith was unable to respond favorably. He can make it into a camp, but likely lacks enough meat on his bones to become a roster factor.

From Lance Pauline at

Bio: Three-year starter who posted a career-best 53 tackles last season while also adding 1 interception and 8 PBUs. Numbers the prior year included 35/7/13. Experienced kick returner.

Positive: Athletic and explosive cornerback with a developing game. Fluid flipping his hips in transition, plays to his 40 time and displays a terrific burst to the ball out of his plant. Stays with receivers on crossing routes, displays a sense of timing and works hard to defend passes. Gives effort defending the run and flies around the ball.

Negative: Easily taken from the action by blocks. Not physically strong. Struggles getting his head back around to locate passes in the air and does a bit of face guarding.

Analysis: Smith is an athletic corner best in zone or backed off the line of scrimmage and can also help as a return specialist.

The de facto Seahawks 2015 Draft thus far, including traded capital:

Round 1, Pick 31 (31) Jimmy Graham, TE -- 6'6, 260 New Orleans
Round 2, Pick 31 (63) Frank Clark, DE -- 6'3 271 Michigan
Round 3, Pick 5 (69) (from Redskins) Tyler Lockett, WR -- 5'10 182 Kansas St.
Round 4, Pick 31 (130) -- Terry Poole, OT/OG -- 6'5, 307 San Diego State

Round 4, Pick 35 (134) (compensatory selection) -- Mark Glowinski, OL -- 6'4, 307 West Virginia

Round 5, Pick 34 (170) (compensatory selection) -- Tye Smith, CB, 6'0", 190 Towson
Round 6, Pick 31 (207) -- Marcus Burley, CB -- 5'10, 185 Indianapolis 
Round 6, Pick 33 (209) (compensatory selection) --
Round 6, Pick 38 (214) (compensatory selection) --
Round 7, Pick 31 (248) --