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NFL Draft Results 2015: Seahawks select Obum Gwacham, DE, Oregon State

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The Seahawks have selected defensive end Obum Gwacham with the 40th pick of the 5th round, 209 overall. Gwacham is another athlete that fits into the Seattle mold, comping closely to Kenneth Boatright, a player who lingered on Seattle's practice squad for the 2013 season. He fits into the 56th percentile of NFL EDGE athletes by SPARQ and did not visit the VMAC during the pre-draft process, though I believe he may be an unreported local visit for Seattle.


From Lance Zierlein at

STRENGTHS Transitioned from wide receiver to defensive end in 2014. Elite explosion traits. Reached 7-foot-1 as a high-jumper and was also a triple-jumper for Oregon State track team. Can unlock hips for sudden change of direction in open field. Locks quarterback in his sights once he shakes free as pass rusher. Has length and foot explosiveness defensive coordinators salivate over. Proved to be effective dropping into space on zone blitzes. Exceptional personal and football character with a desire to learn his new position. Is relentless and dogged in pursuit of the play and will come from across the field to capture a loose running back. Has immediate value on kickoff coverage.

WEAKNESSES Play strength is below the necessary levels to play every down. Must continue body transformation for new position. Despite early jump into gap or upfield, is easily redirected out of the play by most tackles who get their hands on him. Needs more upper-body strength and better footwork to become an adequate edge-setter. Basic pass rusher relying on edge burst that is set up by inside head fake. Doesn't have true go-to pass-rush move. Lacking a counter move when initial rush stalls out. Fights hard but lacks ability to hold up at point of attack against base blocks.


SOURCES TELL US "This guy is going to blow some people away with his explosion numbers and teams will love him in interviews because he's a genuinely good guy. As a player, he still needs a lot of time to develop and you better set aside time for that and have a plan for him." -- NFC South area scout.

NFL COMPARISON Willie Jefferson

BOTTOM LINE Explosive athlete with only one year of experience at defensive end after transitioning from wide receiver. Gwacham lacks the functional strength to play the run and he's still in the infant stages of learning how to rush the passer. His desire and character combined with his superb physical traits could make him a late-round project who teams show patience with as he gets bigger and continues to learn the position.

From Lance Pauline at

Bio: Former receiver who moved to defensive and last season, totaling 27 tackles with 4 sacks. Accomplished high jumper with a best of 7 feet inch to his credit.

Positive: Athletic defensive end prospect who's flashed natural pass rushing skill. Fires off the snap, easily moves about the field and plays with good lean. Quickly changes direction, fluid if asked to twist or stunt and shows a good closing burst. Agile, nimble and plays like a good athlete.

Negative: Has a thin build and functional football strength. Easily controlled by a single blocker. Shows a lot of hesitancy and slow finding the ball.

Analysis: Gwacham displayed flashes of big-time ability his first year at defensive end and is a late-round pick with high upside. If he continues to improve his game he has the ability to develop into a fine pass rushing defensive end in a four-man front.