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Real in the Field Gulls: Seahawks draft recap podcast with Rob Staton and Zach Whitman

Only football to see (hear) here!

Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog and Zach Whitman of SPARQ and joined the "Real in the Field Gulls" podcast on Thursday to talk about the Seattle Seahawks eight draft picks, plus their undrafted free agents. We talk about Frank Clark's comparison to Dante Fowler, Jr, the top edge defender taken in the draft (and how close they really are on the field, if not seeing Clark as a little better), Tyler Lockett's incredible athleticism as a kick returner and receiver, plus Kristjan "The Albanian Unicorn" Sokoli, perhaps the draft's best athlete.

He's definitely Zach's future BFF.

You can listen to today's episode right here on Field Gulls in the YouTube link but also we would love it if you subscribed to the show on iTunes and gave us those sweet, sweet downloads. The show should download directly to your Apple device automatically every Thursday or Friday, depending on how quick we can crank it out. You can also download the mp3 at BlogTalkRadio.

That link for the show on iTunes is apparently the Spanish version of iTunes, but it should still give you our voices in English. I'll try to learn Spanish for future episodes.