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Cam Newton, Panthers nearing contract extension

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers are nearing a five-year contract extension with Cam Newton that's worth a reported $100 million. The deal would apparently include Newton's fifth-year option in 2015, meaning it'd be, in effect, a six-year deal that runs through 2020.

We haven't yet seen any of the structure of the potential deal and that will be where we can begin to analyze its effect on Russell Wilson's impending (?) contract extension. For now, it's looking like the average per year in new money will be around $20 million, which would likely be several million in "new money APY" below what Wilson is expected to be asking for from the Seahawks.

Aaron Rodgers' five-year contract extension is worth a reported $110 million, for $22 million in new money APY. His deal includes at least $54 million guaranteed money. Ben Roethlisberger signed a four-year, $87.4 million extension that averages $21.9 million in new money APY. His guaranteed money is reported to be $31 million. (Check out to analyze contract details.

Per Danny O'Neil's report from early May, the Seahawks' offer is more in the neighborhood of four-years, $80 million, which would pay Wilson $20 million in new money APY.

Of course, Wilson's $1.5 million salary in 2015 is a sticking point because he's obviously making much less than his peers in terms of the final year on his rookie contract, and from Wilson's likely perspective, that $1.5 million should be taken into account when putting together the extension. It's been speculated that Russell Wilson wants a four-year extension, and some have said his ask could be in the neighborhood of $100 million, which would push his new money APY to $25 million.

There have been innumerable contradictory reports since, stating either the gulf between the Seahawks and Wilson is insurmountable or that the team and their quarterback are close to a new deal. It's a waiting game, and right now there are no real deadlines. Wilson's deal is different than that of Newton or Ryan Tannehill, because Wilson will likely command more based on his track record, stats, and resume through his first three seasons.

Of course, right now, it's all speculation, rumors and intrigue. Once the Cam deal gets done, we'll have a new benchmark in which to talk about Wilson.