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Real in the Field Gulls: OTAs, college football preview, and a look to the 2016 NFL Draft

Rob Staton joins Kenneth to chat about college football, Seahawks, and more.

With OTAs wrapping up and a mandatory minicamp just around the corner, we have enough time to step outside the Clink for a week and talk about a few other football-related matters: Namely the upcoming college football season and next year's draft. But don't worry, we spend most of the time talking about the Seahawks!

The guest with the best, Rob Staton, is joining me to do that today while Danny is away. We talk about Kam Chancellor's placement on the NFL Top 100, how Chris Matthews, Steven Terrell, Drew Nowak, and DeShon Fox look in OTAs, why Marshawn Lynch is already a Hall of Famer, as well as the monster that is Ohio State, the 2016 NFL Draft, and more.

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