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Cigar Thoughts Broadcast With Guest Michael Grey

It's a special offseason edition of the Cigar Thoughts 'Cast, brought to you by the great folks at the Silver Reef Casino Cigar Lounge, and Jacson is joined by one of the most popular voices in Seattle sports media: Michael Grey, who describes his experience covering the Seahawks over the last two years and lets us know what he's up to next.

Welcome back. I'm really excited about this episode because Brent, Danny, and I are joined by one of my favorite members of the Seattle media over the last couple of years- Michael Grey. If you're unfamiliar with him, Grey was the host of The Michael Grey Show on 710 ESPN Seattle from 10am to noon every weekday and was, I thought, the most authentic voice in Seattle sports radio.

He took time out of a busy and transitional time in his life to come up to the Cigar Lounge and rap about his experience covering the Seahawks, interacting with fans, and his plans for what has come next. My segment with Grey is later on in the show, but what precedes it is a compelling discussion on the Seahawks' offseason thus far with Brent Cole and Danny Kelly. It was also nice to see a number of you show up to watch it live. This was legitimately one of my favorite shows we've ever done, despite the inadvertent amount of visible thigh.

We started out with my erstwhile cohost Brent Cole and we chatted about the Seahawks' offensive developments since the Super Bowl. Among the topics we cover are Jimmy Graham's role, the evolution of Seattle's passing game, and the battle for Marshawn Lynch's back-up/heir.

Following Brent, Danny came on to discuss Seattle's defense, special teams, rookies, and the contract situations the 'Hawks will be facing over the next couple of years.

Finally, Michael sits down and opens up about what the Seahawks franchise, players, and fans look like to someone who didn't grow up cheering for them. He also tells us who his favorite players to cover have been and what it's like to be a part of the Seahawks experience when you haven't grown up in it. Since Grey never got the chance to address his fans on air before leaving 710, it was important to me that he got the opportunity to let us know what he's got coming up next.

As always, wanna say a huge thank you to Director of Marketing Aaron Thomas (who's also a huge 'Hawks fan and a great follow on Twitter) and the entire staff at the Cigar Lounge and Silver Reef for putting this together. This show has been so much fun to do and it just wouldn't happen without them being exceedingly generous with their time and financial support.


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