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Seahawks 2015 record: More or less ... or the same?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It is really hard to win more than 12 games in the NFL. In fact, no team did it last year, not even the Seattle Seahawks, who went 12-4.

The Seahawks have only won 13 games twice in franchise history, and they went to the Super Bowl in both of those seasons. Of course, that was in 2005 and 2013. On the bright side (?), they have only lost more than 12 games once in franchise history, when they went 2-14 in 1992.

Now I kind of want to challenge your eternal optimism. (Not that I don't appreciate/identify with it.)

Knowing all the way know about Seattle's upcoming season, will they improve their record, fall back a bit, or stay right where they are?

What do we know?

They added Jimmy (expletive deleted) Graham, Frank Clark, Ty Lockett, Ahtyba Rubin, Cary Williams, Will Blackmon, and a couple other dudes.

They lost Max Unger, Kevin Williams, Byron Maxwell, James Carpenter, Zach Miller, Malcolm Smith, and a couple other dudes.

Dan Quinn is now the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, Ken Norton Jr is now the defensive coordinator of the Oakland Raiders.

The schedule is: SF, AZ, STL, CHI, DET, CAR, PIT, CLE, @SF, @AZ, @STL, @BAL, @CIN, @GB, @MIN, @DAL

The 49ers probably suck now.

The Rams are probably still mediocre.

The Cardinals could be anything.

Russell Wilson cares about more than just football. (Which he should, probably.)

Michael Bennett cares about more than just honoring the first two years of a new deal. (Which he shouldn't probably.)

Lockett is an immediate upgrade in the return game but probably nobody on the team can upgrade the receiving corps.

Marshawn Lynch is older than he used to be. And as you read this he just got even older. And older. Damn it, even older. Stop! STOP! STOP AGING!

Jimmy (expletive deleted) Graham is a Seahawk.

The starting center and left guard might be Seahawks? Or might not yet? Or they were playing different positions, at small schools, only months ago.

Justin Britt will save us.

There are things to look forward to (they should be 200% more healthy than they were in the Super Bowl) and things you hope to avoid (but injuries can't be avoided, so there is no "should be" about injuries), so where does that leave Seattle for 2015? It might seem like they got better because of "Expletive Deleted" but it's hard to get better than 12.

(Yeah, you see what I did there.)