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Real in the Field Gulls Podcast: Jason Fitzgerald from OverTheCap

Talkin' Cap

The Real in the Field Gulls podcast drops to you on a Friday night this week, but it's worth the wait. Joining us this week is Jason Fitzgerald, the founder of, a contributor to The Sporting News, he's been featured on Peter King's MMQB (might wanna ctrl+f that one to find him) and he has his own podcast, Over the Cap.

Today we talk about how good of a GM John Schneider is in terms of cap management, the Russell Wilson negotiations, how common it is to have insurance policies (and how it could be used as a negotiation tactic), Bobby Wagner's contraction situation, whether or not you should commit $10 million a year to a middle linebacker, the upcoming free agency of Russell Okung and J.R. Sweezy, and a lot more.

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