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John Moffitt to sign with the Eagles

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Former Seahawks offensive lineman John Moffitt will sign with the Eagles after going unclaimed off of waivers by the Broncos, reports Ross Jones of FOXSports. The Seahawks showed interest in their former third round pick, per Jones, but ultimately Moffitt chose Philly.

Moffitt's been out of the sport for two years trying to take care of some addiction issues.

Jay Glazer, who also runs Unbreakable Performance Center, broke the news on Twitter last week.

I have never been so proud of a guy I've trained than I am of John Moffitt. Retired two years ago bc he knew he had drug issues, took time to go to rehab, clean up his life, beat his demons and he has taken his life back! Guy inspires us every day. He came to me 3 months ago @unbreakable to train to take his career back. He's become the favorite of every player in our gym. He officially un-retired today. Free agent starting guard. So proud of him to get here

Glazer noted that Moffitt retired because "he knew he had drug issues," which wasn't officially public knowledge until this point, but makes a lot of sense considering Moffitt's arrest for possession of weed, cocaine, and ecstasy a year after he retired.

Initially, Moffitt cited his unhappiness with playing football as the reason for his retirement.

"I just really thought about it and decided I'm not happy. I'm not happy at all," Moffitt said at the time. "And I think it's really madness to risk your body, risk your well-being and risk your happiness for money. Everybody, they just don't get it and they think it's crazy. But I think what I was doing is crazy."

Moffitt noted that the money wasn't a big influencer into his decision, and said his concerns over his long term health were a bigger deal. Sounds like, per Glazer, there were a lot of things going on under the surface of all that as well -- "his demons" -- that factored into the decision as well, and it sounds like it's a good thing that he retired to get those things under control. He'll now factor in to the competition to replace Evan Mathis (who, incidentally, is still a free agent) on the Eagles offensive line.