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Seahawks promote five in their personnel/scouting department

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks promoted five within their personnel department today, rewarding a group of scouts and personnel men for a job well done over the past few years.

Co-Directors of Personnel: Scott Fitterer and Trent Kirchner

Per the release by Tony Drovetto over at, Fitterer and Kirchner "will work together to maintain and enhance all aspects of Seattle's roster and direct both the college scouting department and pro personnel department." The fact that both these guys got promoted isn't surprising considering Kirchner was one of the candidates for the Jets' vacant GM job (of which he pulled out of the running), and Fitterer interviewed for a personnel job at the Eagles before deciding to stay with the team.

Fitterer was previously the director of college scouting, and Kirchner the director of pro personnel.

Senior Personnel Executive: Ed Dodds

Dodds gets a promotion from a national scout in 2014 to Senior Personnel Executive.

Director of College Scouting: Matt Berry

With Fitterer moving up, Matt Berry gets a promotion into that role as the director of college scouting.

Director of Pro Personnel: Dan Morgan

With Kirchner's promotion, Dan Morgan, a former All Pro linebacker with the Panthers, becomes the Director of Pro Personnel.

The rest of the Seahawks scouting/personnel department staff looks like this, per the Seahawks' website:

Matt Capurro - Football Operations Coordinator
Jason Barnes - Area Scout (Midwest)
Aaron Hineline - Area Scout (Midlands)
Tyler Ramsey - Area Scout (West)
Todd Brunner - Area Scout (Northeast)
Jim Nagy - Area Scout (Southeast)
Josh Graff - National Scout
Kirk Parrish - College Scouting Coordinator
Ryan Florence - Player Personnel Assistant
Willie Schneider - Player Personnel Assistant

Overall, this is good news for Seattle, who gets to keep their core group together for another year. Continuity is important in this area, so the Seahawks personnel department can hit the ground running in prep for next season.