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I vow to write a Russell Wilson article every day until he signs a new contract

This is a good idea.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

If there's one thing that I keep hearing every time I post an article about the Russell Wilson contract situation it's, "More. More. More. Please give us more!" You sound like Oliver.

Oliver the orphan boy? No. Oliver Stone ... When he's directing a production of Oliver! (The Musical) and he wants to hear "Food Glorious Food" again.

One person who won't be going hungry any time soon is Wilson. His paltry $1.5 million paycheck for this season still puts him in the notorious one-percent. Don't all you 99-percenters feel stupid now that you know that all your favorite athletes (and all the athletes you hate) are in the one percent? But is that enough for Wilson?

Of course not.

"Please sir Paul Allen, I want some more."

*holds out a bag with a dollar sign on it*


"Please sir ... I want some ... More."

*holds out 100,000,000 dollar sign bags*

(Wilson likes dollar sign bags that literally hold one dollar)


I am as certain that Wilson will sign a new deal with the Seahawks as I am that I'm in the 99-percent. It's only a matter of when, but it seems like that when could stretch on for a very long time. Not days. Not weeks. Not months. Not years. Wait, no. Go back. I went too far. Probably months. Potentially years!

However, I want it over and like Veruca Salt, who was suspiciously left out of Oliver! (The Musical), I want it now.

For those reasons, I will write something about Russell Wilson on Field Gulls every day until he signs a new contract. Even if, like Wilson, those articles are short, I promise that, like Wilson, I'll show up every day.

And I'll keep showing up until it's Oliver ... sorry, I mean until it's all over.