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Russell Wilson: "I obviously want to stay in Seattle"

Here's the full transcript of Russell Wilson's conversation with Marty Smith for ESPN.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We saw snippets of Russell Wilson's conversation with Marty Smith on Monday night, and the big talking point was Wilson's comment that "Whether it's $25 million or $1.5 million (this year), I'll be ready to go." Wilson didn't say much else of note in the interview that originally aired, but if you'd like to see what else Smith and Wilson chatted about, ESPN has released the full transcript.

Wilson on his relationship with the Seahawks:

It's great. I don't think it's a bad relationship by any means. We won a Super Bowl. I've had the opportunity to win the first Super Bowl in franchise history, and win however many games, I don't know -- 40-plus games. I've had great experiences with a lot of guys, a lot of fight and a lot of tears. Big games. Tough moments and great moments. A lot of great moments. So ultimately, I obviously want to stay in Seattle. It's a great place, a place that I arrived on May 10, 2012. I'll never forget that day. I'll never forget April 27th, when I was drafted in the third round, 75th pick overall, they gave me an opportunity.

MS: You know the numbers well.

RW: I never forget certain dates.

Read the full transcript here.