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Trevor Moawad of the Moawad Consulting Group talks sports psychology

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Moawad works closely with Russell Wilson as a mental training coach, and he joined the Danny, Dave, and Moore show on 710 ESPN Seattle earlier this week, and if sports psychology and the psychology of confidence is interesting to you, it's worth a listen.

A few notes from the listen:

— Background: Director of Performance at agency ING. Has a long-standing relationship with Wilson's agent Mark Rodgers in Florida. Background included training players for the NFL Draft for the agency.

— Eventually moved around before landing in the college game, where he handled sports psychology for Alabama and Florida State ("mental conditioning" was the big thing).

— Worked with Russell Wilson prior to the draft. Said they watched a lot of Drew Brees in preparation for the Draft, including how Brees interacted with the media and teams, they watched his film, everything.

— Mental conditioning: Taking a look at why teams win and why athletes win, and start to understand and study characteristics of elite thinkers and elite performers. Try to help athletes understand what the top people are doing — whether it's in the military, business, athletics — and how those same habits are available to them if they choose to study them. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Michael Johnson — Russell gravitates toward that (a mini Nick Saban). Always on the cutting edge of "what are the things that we can do to get better?"

— "Whatever we tell ourselves is what becomes real." Words create pictures and those pictures effect performance. What you tell yourself is ten times more powerful than what any coach can tell you. Self-coaching. Self-esteem.

— Great internal advertising campaign.

— Learn to focus on the most important things

— Unique thing about Russell Wilson is his forethought: being able to recognize how a decision today will affect the future. Knowing how to manage time, invest resources and money. Wilson, if he's not doing some kind of engagement for the team or an endorsement deal, he's training. Said he and Wilson trained four times on the 4th of July alone. He seeks out the best people in the industry to help him in every facet.