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Pete Carroll's comments on Russell Wilson negotiations give hope, but also not really

He's crucial! (Like everyone else.) Maybe it happens! (I don't know.)

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I would never expect a soundbite from a coach or GM (or Russell Wilson) to provide very much insight into ongoing behind-the-scenes dealings, but on Wednesday my mind was blown when I heard Pete Carroll answer a question about how things are going with the front office's negotiations with Wilson. Why was it blown? Because I had hit a streak of 1,000,000 soundbites in a row that provided little-to-no insight!

As Jon Gruden would say: "That's a world record."

Here is what Carroll had to say on the negotiations this week:

Q: What is gonna take to get done and how important is he to what you wanna do there?

A: "Well, he's crucial -- as all of our guys are -- We love Russell and we want him back playing for us forever. There's a lot of work being done. It's under way right now and maybe it happens. I don't know. We're hoping for it."

What we found out was that the Seattle Seahawks want Wilson to play for them literally forever. I guess that is kind of a new revelation but it lines up with Carroll's "Win Forever" philosophy, as well as melting steel beams.

The good news is that it would appear that the two sides are actively talking and not just putting it aside until next year. Carroll could have just as easily said "We're focused on this season and Wilson is under contract already for this season" and it would have provided just as little insight.

The bad news (if you want Wilson to stick around long-term), if you're reading between the lines, is that Carroll quickly qualifies that although Wilson is crucial, everyone is crucial. Now, we know that's as true as forevering your wins (just ask any of the 1,000 or so players they've rotated out in the last five years) but it does keep in line with what the front office has been hammering home since the beginning: They're not gonna sacrifice the ability to keep the core together for just one player.

Bobby Wagner is an All-Pro linebacker who is currently the 57th-highest paid middle linebacker in the NFL. That's just among middle linebackers. He's going to be a free agent. Are they negotiating with his agent? Are they negotiating with Russell Okung's agent?

Carroll is "hoping for" Wilson to sign a long-term deal, but we don't know if he's hoping he'll sign for what Aaron Rodgers' got or hoping he'll sign for what Brian Hoyer got. There's no way to tell.

So when filing under "comment or no comment," this answer from Carroll falls squarely on "No comment."