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July 30th the deadline for new Russell Wilson deal, per report

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The term "deadlines spur action" has gotten thrown around a lot lately (by me, and many others), and as we saw on Wednesday -- the deadline to sign franchise-tagged players to extensions -- it's more than just a cliche. Justin Houston, Dez Bryant, and Demaryius Thomas all got big-time, big-money deals done even after many reports had the differing sides very far apart in terms of money and guarantees. That deadline sure made an impact on the negotiations.

Many looked at yesterday's dealings and wondered what it means for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. It's slightly different for this negotiation because the Seahawks could still franchise-tag Wilson at least twice, meaning there's no hard deadline anywhere in sight, but according to a report by's Ian Rapoport, it does look like there's a soft deadline in play.

"When Wilson steps on the field for his team's 2015 training camp on time and without a holdout," the report states, "though neither party has come out and said it, talks will be done."

Ok, there we go. We have a date on the calendar to circle -- July 30th, the day that the team reports to VMAC for training camp. They hit the field on the 31st, so I suppose that may be the drop-dead date. If the Wilson deal does not get done on or before taking the field for training camp, per this report, the negotiations will get tabled until next offseason.

Logically, it makes sense to me. Rapoport cites precedent in M.O. with Mark Rodgers, Wilson's agent, and just on the surface, I could see Wilson making this call so he can concentrate on the season. We shall see. Perhaps this soft deadline will spur the action we've all been so impatiently waiting for.