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Russell Wilson anagram: "Rules. Owns. Ills."

Dang, I guess he does. Rule and Own and Ill that is.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It is Day 17 of my Russell Wilson Vow and not even a power outage in my neighborhood can stop me.

As I write this, the power has been out for 17 hours. Hopefully as you read this, it will be back on. I am currently in a McDonald's hogging their wi-fi and outlets so that I can continue my Wilson Vow. With any luck, SB Nation will have a huge McDonald's ad skinned all over the page so that we can have true #Synergy.

One thing that is not without #power: Russell Wilson. (Though you do need to charge his lithium-ion batteries every six hours.) He's got more power than the power glove.

He's so ... Bad.

The funny thing is that when you dissect his name even further than I have so far (Wilson sounds like "Will-Sign" and "The literal translation of Wilson") you really start to get to the heart of the matter: That an anagram of "Russell Wilson" -- one of many, I might add -- is "Rules. Owns. Ills."

Isn't that so true?

Maybe "Ills" hasn't hit the American lexicon as hard as Rules and Owns but throughout his career, Wilson has defied expectations and changed the narrative. He's invented a new way to play quarterback, so why not a new way to describe something that Rules and Owns?

Man, that Russell Wilson. He ills.

One thing I don't recommend is anagramming his middle name.

Carrington: "Can't ring, or ..."

At least we know that he can. Because he ills.