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Seahawks Podcast: Chris B. Brown of Smart Football talks Seahawks, his new book, and much more

Episode 23 of Real in the Field Gulls, coming at you.

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Episode 23 of Real in the Field Gulls is a doozie, and Kenneth and I had Smart Football's Chris B. Brown on the show to talk a little bit about football Xs and Os, the Seahawks, Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and of course, his brand new book, The Art of Smart Football.

Brown's work at and has taught me a ton over the years, and he's definitely one of the best resources for football knowledge out there. His two books are extremely excellent as well -- the first, The Essential Smart Football, is a personal favorite of mine, and his second, which just hit shelves this week — The Art of Smart Football -- is next on my reading list. Chris does a great job at weaving storytelling with technical teaching, and you end up really enjoying reading his work while learning a ton along the way.

This turned into a great discussion about football in general and the Seahawks and their schemes specifically. We chat for an hour about whether or not Russell Wilson is a "system quarterback," we talk about Pete Carroll's intricate-yet-simple defense, we ponder whether Richard Sherman is as good as he thinks he is (hint: he's better than that), and we discuss the future of Jimmy Graham in Seattle's offense.

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*Huge thanks to David Fagerholm for creating the extremely catchy and awesome Real in the Field Gulls intro song, which can be heard in the iTunes version of the show!