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Russell Wilson Staturday: Youngest two-time Super Bowl appearer in NFL history

One of the best appearers ever!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Overall, 20 quarterbacks have started multiple Super Bowls, with Tom Brady having the most at six. Of the 20, five are active (Brady, Russell Wilson, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning) and of the other 15, 10 are in the Hall of Fame. The only ones who aren't are Kurt Warner (missed in his first year of eligibility), Brett Favre, Joe Theissman, Jim Plunkett, and Craig Morton.

Elway went to his first and second Super Bowl in his fourth and fifth seasons.

Brady went to his first and second Super Bowl in his second and fourth seasons.

Terry Bradshaw did it in his fifth and sixth seasons.

Joe Montana in years three and six.

Roethlisberger in years two and five.

Wilson is the only QB in NFL history to go to two Super Bowls within his first three seasons. He didn't turn 26 until late in the season, so he also carries the distinction of being the youngest QB to start two Super Bowls, having been a couple months younger than Brady when he did it.

Now think about the guys who all got two in early.

Brady, six Super Bowls. Elway, five Super Bowls. Montana, four Super Bowls. Roethlisberger, three Super Bowls. And for most, if you win one and go to three or more, you'll win at least two. The only quarterbacks that started three Super Bowls and went 1-2 are Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner.

(Fran Tarkenton went 0-3. Jim Kelly went 0-4.)

At least two seems like a good bet for Wilson.

If anyone thinks that it doesn't matter because "Wilson wasn't the reason; it was Marshawn Lynch and the defense," remember that Joe Montana was also a third round pick. He was also doubted. He was also a bit of a "game manager' who didn't throw a lot of passes, who only led the league in touchdowns twice (including in a strike year), and who was more efficient than he was prolific. Wilson has had some bad playoff games and one terrible moment in the Super Bowl, but while we remember Montana for his 4-0 record in the Super Bowl, we forget that he was far from perfect.

Between 1985-1987 he went 0-3 in the playoffs with no touchdowns and four interceptions.

For now, Wilson holds the distinction of being perhaps the best playoff quarterback under 27 in NFL history. How he finishes or how we remember him is far from decided.