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Russell Wilson's connection to ZIONISM for all you #TruthSeekers out there

Great stuff.

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The Seattle Seahawks play a regular season football game eight weeks from today. Which sounds kind of far away, but less far when you consider that they play a fake football game against the Denver Broncos in less than four weeks. At that point, who knows what kind of Russell Wilson articles I might have to write on Sundays if he doesn't sign soon, but let's try and put that in the back of our minds.

Like way, way back. Like where I keep my bad childhood secrets.

For now, let's pay attention to something really interesting, truth seekers. Yes, truth seekers. That's you. If you thought Pete Carroll couldn't melt steel beams, way until you get a load of this.

It's a video on YouTube called "The Reason Russell Wilson Was the Opening Joke of the 2015 ESPYS, EXPOSE ZIONISM!"

I mean, what else do you need to know but that?

Zachary K Hubbard, who has 4,612 subscribers to his YouTube page, more than I ever dreamed of when I was running the Field Gulls page, goes on for 16 minutes about how the NFL is rigged, that the final play of the Super Bowl was all a setup, that Seattle is full of stupid sheep, and so on.

"Russell Wilson's 21st pass, on 2nd and 1, was intercepted by number 21 on the Patriots, with 21 seconds left in the game, on the date of 2/1."

I mean, I guess it's one of the more interesting "coincidences" I've heard, at least. Are you listening, truth seekers?

I have to praise Zach for doing something with his free time, of which he has plenty. Most of us will just read Reddit or watch a wobbly season of True Detective.

Wait ... True Detective. Trudetective. Trudy Tective. Five letters in Trudy, six letters in Tective. 5 / 6. 5 plus 6 is 11. Eleven. The 11th Amendment was passed by Congress on March 4, 1794. 3/4/1794. 34 + 1794 equals 1828, which is eight more than the number of career rushing yards by Russell Wilson.

Holy shit. Russell Wilson is the killer.