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Real in the Field GAMES Podcast: Danny and Jacson vie for Field Gulls supremacy

Are we having fun yet?

It's the DEAD of Summer which means that it is the dead of the NFL news cycle (Don't tell Antonio Gates, et al) so in lieu of the sun we had some fun. And by "we" I mean Danny Kelly and Jacson Bevens and by "fun" I mean a three-part game show hosted by me, Kenneth Arthur.

This is a show unlike anything you've ever heard. I guarantee it. Find out who wins, who flubs, and who pulls out a last second victory in the end. (Or do they?)

If you like this episode, let us know. If you don't, keep it to yourself; silence is plenty. This is just a super fun episode loaded with laughs, sound effects, and Seahawks trivia and reminiscing.

Subscribe to Real in the Field Gulls on iTunes! Rate us with five stars and write a positive review, if you like. We will keep it real and be back next week because we are definitely 'bout that life. (You'll hear what that's in reference to if you listen.)