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Complex goes sneaker shopping with Marshawn Lynch

Complex's Joe La Puma went sneaker shopping with Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch at District Footwear in Alameda, CA.

This is a fun look at the lighter side of Marshawn Lynch as he goes sneaker shopping in Oakland with Complex's Joe La Puma. Lynch is joined by his sister Marreesha, who is apparently a bit of a sneaker head as well.

Here's a few highlights:

On his humble beginnings:
"Growing up you had to rock with what you had to rock with. I did a lot of Payless shoe stores. Moms couldn't go dropping no $250 on a pair of shoes."

On paying it forward:
"I'll probably wear my sneakers a few times and then I pass them down to a little brother or I might just donate them to someone in my foundation."

On the Kanye connect:
"I know y'all probably got a line on Kanye. Tell him to send me a pair or something. Send me some Yeezys you hear me?"

On his GREATS collab:
"I think they're only going to make 200 pairs so they're going to be really limited. They're probably going to go the first day. It's crazy man. I never was thinking of anything outside of football. It's going to be a proud moment"