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Mike Holmgren: Seahawks have "very fair" offer on the table for Russell Wilson

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Holmgren was on with Mitch Levy on Sports Radio KJR on Wednesday morning, and had some interesting things to say about the ongoing Russell Wilson contract negotiations. While normal grain-of-salt caveats apply, Holmgren said that from what he understands or has heard, the Seahawks' offer to Wilson is "very fair," adding that the "Seahawks are not lowballing him."

Sports Radio KJR posted the transcription of the conversation, which you can read here. Holmgren said that if Wilson tries to play out this season on his rookie contract, that it would be a mistake.

"If I could council Russell, if he'd listen to me, the fact that he's well liked in the city - if I'm believing what he's saying - he likes the city, he likes the teammates, he loves the system he's in, it's just all working for him... to hold out or not sign something to make an extra million bucks a year, now to a normal person that's a lot of money, a really lot of money, but to a professional athlete, you know, and this is not his last contract, he's going to sign another one in four years; so, I think it's a huge mistake, I just don't understand it. If this in fact- if he plays this season for a million and a half, then I think it's a huge mistake, I really do."

That said, noted Holmgren, "I still think there's a really good chance that it gets done at the midnight hour."

Listen in: