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Real in the Field Gulls podcast: A complete breakdown of Russell Wilson's contract situation with Davis Hsu

We're only talking about Wilson today and Davis has some interesting info to share.

Sure, we've talked a lot about Russell Wilson on the Real in the Field Gulls podcast but we've never strictly talked about Wilson for an entire episode. With training camp a week away, and his contract situation potentially coming to a head, it seemed like a good time to just talk about Wilson with Field Gulls favorite Davis Hsu.

How much will he get? How much should he get? What's the guaranteed number he's supposedly been asking for and what are the Seahawks willing to give? Is he a true franchise quarterback or is he not worth the mega-deals given out to Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton?

You can listen to the YouTube video above or you can subscribe to the Real in the Field Gulls podcast on iTunes, and I pray that you do. Then next week it's time for training camp and then, believe it or not, fake games soon after!

*Huge thanks to David Fagerholm for creating the extremely catchy and awesome Real in the Field Gulls intro song, which can be heard in the iTunes version of the show!