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Sunday Runday: Russell Wilson rushing highlights

Hey, these are pretty fun! What a fun day-- I mean run day.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, Russell Wilson's 289 rushing DYAR was the most ever for a quarterback (well, since measurements going back to 1989). He has led all quarterbacks in scrambles in each of his first three seasons with 50 in 2012, 51 in 2013, and 51 in 2014. We've become accustomed to seeing wizardry from him not seen since the likes of whatever the name of a Harry Potter book is.

Russell Wilson and the Chamber of No Protection

We know that Wilson rushed for 849 yards last season with 7.2 yards per carry, but when you take away kneeldowns he actually had 920 yards and 8.44 yards per carry. On scrambles, he averaged 9.53 yards per carry. (Numbers courtesy of Football Outsiders.)

Some people still say this is not part of being a great quarterback. You have to move the ball with your arm, not your legs. And maybe down the line, that's what we will see more of from Wilson, but given that he isn't doing that poorly with his arm and that he's learning more and more every like most good, young quarterbacks, it's not a concern Seahawks fans should have. Best yet, in the meantime, we're left with some pretty phenomenal runs from a guy who I still barely think of as a "running quarterback."

Here are just a few of those plays we hold so dearly.

This famous scramble against the 49ers went for six yard but it took him about 50 to get there. It's like having Joey Galloway as your quarterback. If you want to see it with Benny Hill music (and I pray that you don't because it's pretty hacky at this point) here you go.

This loss against St. Louis last season was extremely hard to watch in the first half, with Seattle going down 21-3 at one point. It looked like this could end the streak of close games, but runs like this one by Wilson helped the Seahawks close within two. Unfortunately Jeff "Voldemort" Fisher can only win with tricks. (I know less about Harry Potter than I know about picking up chicks, but I think that reference applies)

Not everyone likes Chris Collinsworth, but I'm a fan. "It just doesn't matter" is a good way to describe defenses trying to gameplan for him when he's at his best.

Hey, if you're at the goal line and you just need one yard, why not just let Wilson keep i- oh damn it.

This isn't a run per se, but my god, the elusiveness ... How many quarterbacks in the NFL don't get sacked for a loss of 12 here?

This was Wilson's first career rushing touchdown. Sort of. It came in the first preseason game of his first season, at a time when still nobody expected him to beat Matt Flynn for the job. Flynn was 11-of-13 for 71 yards and an interception but Wilson was electric, going 12-of-16 for 124 yards, a 39-yard touchdown pass to Braylon Edwards, and 59 total rushing yards. We didn't know yet but ... we knew.

He's held onto the ball ever since.

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