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Russell Wilson has more rushing yards than these players

A more notable list than you might expect.

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Today is the first of those requests and it comes from "Gerry."

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Gerry wants to know: Which players does Wilson have more rushing yards than?

Now there are two ways to look at this: Who did he have more rushing yards than last season and who does he have more career rushing yards than? Both questions have some pretty interesting answers.

First off, Wilson rushed for 849 yards last season with a league-best 7.2 yards per carry and six touchdowns. The 849 yards was tied with Pro Bowl running back C.J. Anderson of the Denver Broncos. Maybe the craziest part about that is the a running back made the Pro Bowl with only 849 yards, but that's the era we live in and Anderson did have some pretty special moments last season.

Over the final eight games of the year, he rushed for 767 yards and eight touchdowns. Anderson is going to be a top pick for all you fantasy nerds out there but we've seen amazing half-seasons from players before that never manifested into amazing careers.

Beginning the list of players that Wilson bested in rushing yards last season:

- Chris Ivory, 821

- Jonathan Stewart, 809

- Steven Jackson, 707

- Chris Johnson, 663

- Andre Ellington, 660

- Darren McFadden, 534

- Trent Richardson, 519

But anything can happen over one season. Well, typically a quarterback can't rush for 849 yards in one season but we've well established at this point that Wilson isn't a typical quarterback, right? How about over a career? How about over careers of players like McFadden and Richardson, who came into the NFL with the highest expectations and floundered? Or maybe ones that had fairly long careers but surprisingly haven't rushed for as many career yards as Wilson's 1,820 over just three seasons?

- Najeh Davenport played in the NFL for seven seasons and carried it 394 times, but had just 1,819 rushing yards with only one more career rushing touchdown than Wilson.

- Another Packers player, James Starks, has been in the NFL for five seasons and has 1,760 career rushing yards.

- Everybody's favorite "spark plug," Danny Woodhead has been in the league for six seasons but has just 1,730 career rushing touchdowns. (EDIT: Getting a lot of tweets about this silly mistake. Not gonna change it.)

- It wasn't fullback Tony Richardson's job to carry the ball very often, but he still played in the NFL for 16 years and made three Pro Bowl's but he has fewer career rushing yards than Wilson.

- I think there are some early-career comparisons to make between Wilson and Joe Montana, but Wilson has already surpassed Joe in rushing yards. He had 1,676 in a 16-year career.

- Former Coug Jerome Harrison once rushed for 286 yards in a single game. But he had just 1,681 yards in his career.

- Toby Gerhart, 1,631 career rushing yards.

- Ickey Woods is arguably one of the most famous running backs of the 1990s but after his rookie season he had just 459 rushing yards. His career total is less than that of Wilson.

- Curtis Enis was the fifth overall pick in 1998 but he had just 1,497 career rushing yards.

- Vince Young made two Pro Bowls largely due to his ability to run the football. And yet it all amounted to just 1,459 career rushing yards.

- Wilson has more rushing yard than the unfortunate career and life of former Rams running back Lawrence Phillips.

- Daniel Thomas of the Miami Dolphins.

- Popular Falcons running back Jason Snelling.

- Giovani Bernard Pierce. I mean Giovani Bernard and Bernard Pierce.

- Former Rams QB Roman Gabriel rushed for 30 touchdowns in his career, but on fewer rushing yards than Wilson who has 12 career rushing touchdowns.

- Adrian Peterson.

- Just to be clear: Adrian Peterson of the Bears.

- Dave Krieg, Matt Hasselbeck, Jim Zorn, Rick Mirer.

- Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James, Carlos Hyde ... combined.

- Ben Roethlisberger.

- Former number one overall pick Ki-Jana Carter.

- Roy Helu, Jacquizz Rodgers, Onterrio Smith, Trung Canidate, Bernard Scott, Jonathan Dwyer, Ronnie Hillman, Jahvid Best, Robert Turbin, Christine Michael, Mack Strong, Vick Ballard, Jim Leonard, Lorenzo Neal, Marcel Reese.

- Former Wisconsin teammate Montee Ball.

- Todd Gurley.

- And finally...

- The one...

- The only...

- The savior...

- Tim Tebow.

Guess he wasn't so much of a savior after all.