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Pete Carroll on Super Bowl aftermath: "It's been thrilling to go through this. It really has."

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If you're tired of reading about the NFL's decision to uphold Tom Brady's suspension in the DeflateGate scandal, Sports Illustrated's Greg Bishop provided the medicine this morning when he wrote about the Tao of Pete Carroll.

Bishop sat down with Carroll in June, wanting to talk to him about his fateful decision to call a pass-play while sitting at the 1-yard line in the closing minute of Super Bowl XLIX. Carroll's point of view on the aftermath of that decision is pretty... well, Pete Carroll-like.

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"It's been thrilling to go through this," he said. "It really has."

It's not that Carroll enjoyed the anguish related to that call and that loss, it's that he's simply not going to allow it to dictate what happens going forward.

"If you hope I'm going to cry over the deal, I'm not," Carroll told Bishop. "I've moved past that."

"I know you want to find out—everybody wants to find out, the intrigue, the depth and all that," he said. "And how much it hurt. You'll never know. I can't make you understand. You pour everything in your life into something and—it goes right, it goes wrong—it's in you. It becomes part of you. I'm not going to ignore it. I'm going to face it. And when it bubbles up, I'm going to think about it and get on with it. And use it. Use it!"

It's a must-read. Check it out.