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Kam Chancellor "strongly considering holdout" for more money

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

It's no rest for the weary if you're John Schneider. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Seahawks All Pro safety Kam Chancellor wants a raise, and is "strongly considering a camp holdout to make it happen."

Chancellor joins Michael Bennett in the potential training camp holdout department, but both players have very little chance to get results because both players have several years remaining on their contracts. The Seahawks have made it a policy not to renegotiate player contracts until the last year of their deal. Seattle slightly tweaked Marshawn Lynch's guaranteed money when he threatened retirement during last year's offseason, but refused to outright change or increase his contract.

"That was just all about precedent," Schneider said this year, of the Seahawks decision to remain steadfast on Lynch. "It wasn't at all about whether we thought [Marshawn] was the No. 1 back or the No. 4 back or the No. 7 back when you're negotiating contracts. It didn't have anything to do with that; it just had to do with precedent. If we re-did a contract for Marshawn, everybody would be standing outside my office looking for a new contract whenever they wanted in their deals."

It appears that everyone is doing that anyway.

Chancellor is the league's 8th-highest paid safety per Over the Cap, making approximately the same amount as Miami's Reshad Jones, Tennesee's Michael Griffin, and Cleveland's Donte Whitner. He makes far less than Dashon Goldson, who washed out with the Buccaneers after signing a huge deal and was traded to Washington for a sixth round pick this offseason. Former agent and CBS Sports reporter Joel Corry notes that Chancellor's near the top of the strong safety market, though. Corry notes that free safeties make more than strong safeties in the current market.

Chancellor signed a four-year contract extension back in April 2013, and his deal runs through the 2017 season, meaning he still has three years remaining on the contract. Chancellor's contract is worth $28 million with $7.825 million in full guarantees, per Over The Cap, and he got $17 million in rolling "for injury only" guarantees over the life of the contract.

If Chancellor holds out, he becomes subject to $30,000 fines for every day of missed work. If I had to guess right now, this holdout (or threat to holdout) won't last long.

Meantime, John Schneider still faces a Friday deadline to get a long-term contract extension with Russell Wilson done, and is reportedly working on extending Bobby Wagner as well.