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Seahawks: 21-4 in November-December since drafting Russell Wilson

Is that good?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

As negotiations between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks reasonably come to a head this week (one way or another), this is something I would definitely bring to the table if I'm Wilson's agent, Mark Rodgers:

Seattle is 9-2 in November and 12-2 in December since 2012. He's like beer: Best when cold.

How does that stack up against some of the other great quarterbacks of the last tri-year? Let's first focus on November:

Wilson is 9-2 with a passer rating of 108.3, Y/A of 8.56, and an AY/A of 9.16. Among all passers with at least 200 November attempts in the last tri-year, Wilson ranks second in all of those categories behind Aaron Rodgers. Wilson's nine November wins is tied for first with Peyton Manning and Joe Flacco, though Wilson has played fewer November games than both of them.

Cam Newton's November passer rating is 81.2. Matthew Stafford is at 81.5. Colin Kaepernick is 85.4. Andrew Luck is 88.2. Eli Manning and Andy Dalton are at 79.5.

Wilson's December record is 12-2 with a passer rating of 100, Y/A of 8.48, and AY/A of 8.77.

He has the highest AY/A in December over the last tri-year, highest Y/A, and is fifth in passer rating. His 12 December wins is tied for the most with Manning. Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill, Drew Brees, and Carson Palmer all have a losing record in December over that period of time.

All told, Wilson and Manning are tied for the most November-December wins over the last three seasons. Manning's win percentage is slightly lower, he is 21-5.

"Wins" don't solely belong to quarterbacks, but if the Seahawks had to go back to someone like Tarvaris Jackson or wound up in the same position that the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, or Houston Texans find themselves in, then they would have significantly fewer of them.

Wins that is. Especially in the moments when they matter the most.

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