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VIDEO: Russell Wilson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson joined the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night and let his hair down a little bit, joking around with the host, Andy Samberg, and the crowd. Wilson's best joke was his opener, when he quipped that he saw Samberg backstage earlier, shook his hand, and Samberg "j**zed in his pants" (an obvious reference to this Lonely Island song with Samberg (probably NSFW)). Wilson also joked about the 12th Man being a little more mellow now that weed is legal in Washington, and cracked a little bit about how Pete Carroll used to pay his players.

Wilson didn't say a whole lot about his contract, of course, just noting that. "I just want to be paid based off my play. It will all work out in the end. We'll figure it out." Kimmel also asked him about baseball, and Wilson talked about how if he were traded to the Mariners, he'd definitely consider playing two sports.

Watch below/above, it's a good interview.