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32-year-old man writes heartfelt letter to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson begging him to stay

With a financial incentive to boot.

(I wrote this last night. It appears as though the Gods forwarded it to Russell Wilson's mind before it had even been published. It's still something that I just have to publish even though my "Russell WIlson Vow" has come to a gracious end at 31 days. I will still write up the articles that have been purchased at IndieGoGo ... but not every day. The following was written before Wilson had signed...)

But I really can't even bring myself to think about that happening right now. The only way I'll be able to stay sane for the next few weeks is if I hold the belief that an announcement will drop in August, unannounced just like the Beyonce album. Just drop that news hot when we don't expect it.

In the meantime, I have resorted to writing Wilson my final plea that he sign a deal now. It includes a monetary incentive.

Mr. Wilson, if you're reading this, and I pray that you are, please take this hand-written note to heart. We need you and you need us ...






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