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Stupid Tweets Monday: People tweeting about the Russell Wilson negotiations

Stop tweeting, everyone.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

My friend and compatriot Jacson Bevens tipped me off to an idea when he tweeted out this screenshot last week:

Let's highlight some of the worst of the week.

It's amazing what people will convince themselves of what they heard or read.

Jess wood play for free!

Wilson taking money out of teacher's pockets smdh.

Well, can't argue with that one.

Phew, for a second I was worried that you weren't a Seahawks fan and therefore had no business saying what a player is worth.

"Here let me retweet Schefter but include a quote of what's in the tweet so you can read it twice."

And the winner of the week's worst tweet:

Congrats to Jeff! Let's see if he can repeat next week ... in which case he'll be a greedy dick who wins too much.