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Marshawn Lynch movie: Director Mario Bobino joins our podcast to talk about his movie

An exclusive sitdown with the man behind Marshawn's "terrible" film.

This week I published a story over on Rolling Stone about the relationship between Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and his lifetime family friend Mario Bobino. A relationship that seems to have ended after Bobino directed a film about Lynch's life, starring Lynch as himself, and did a "terrible" job according to Marshawn's agent, Doug Hendrickson. That story was picked up everywhere -- ESPN, Pardon the Interruption, Deadspin, Yahoo, ProFootballTalk, CBS, you name it -- so it seemed apt to keep talking to Bobino about the movie and his reaction to the article.

And if I was going to talk to Bobino, why not let him come on the Real in the Field Gulls podcast and record it?

The audio gets a bit rough on this one at times but Bobino's revelations about Marshawn's life -- his upbringing, his Oakland roots, the most poignant and defining moments of his childhood -- are worth the listen. Find out how this movie came together, how it fell apart, and why Bobino would still love to drop a bootleg copy!

Bobino also shares a few anecdotes about the production, tells us about Marshawn's acting chops, and fills us in on some of the best and toughest scenes that we may never see.

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*Huge thanks to David Fagerholm for creating the extremely catchy and awesome Real in the Field Gulls intro song, which can be heard in the iTunes version of the show!